2015 Review – The Best Spas In The World

The health benefits of immersion in naturally heated water or the drinking of natural water from how springs which had a high mineral content has been around for thousands of years – in fact the origins of the word ‘spa’ can be found at the town of Spa, Belgium, which was frequented by Romans who flocked to the town to enjoy the health benefits of its cold springs.

best-spas-in-the-worldToday a spa can be as popular as many other tourist destinations and some of the best spas in the world are truly breathtaking. Perhaps one of the most beautiful spas on the face of the planet can be found in Iceland. Although not as luxurious as many of the other five star spas that can be found across the world The Blue Lagoon Spa is certainly one of the most visually arresting.

At this spa in southwestern Iceland visitors can bask in sulfur and silica rich waters heated far beneath the Earth while enjoying numerous other facilities. In winter the spa is truly one of the wonders of the modern world. Visitors are treated to the healing waters of the lagoon set in an ancient lava flow with pristine snow stretching all around.

When it comes to the ultimate in luxury there are a few spas which strive to outdo each other in the ultra luxury stakes.

For something a little different but still extremely luxurious try the spa at the Per Aquum Hufaven Fushi hotel in the Maldives, It’s the world’s only underwater spa where your treatment is accompanies by the site of the local reef residents gliding by.

If you’re after a slightly more traditional approach but still want the best that money can buy then the Remede Spa at the St. Regis Resort in Colorado is the destination for you. Voted number one in numerous surveys this spa is perfect for those who want to combine skiing with health treatments.

pool-spas-around-the-worldPerhaps slightly off the beaten track but still ultra luxurious is the Aman Resort in Beijing, China. Here guests are housed in what used to be a complex where the guests of the Emperor were pampered prior to attending to official business.

Want to combine a holiday at an island paradise with the spa experience? Then the Nira Spa at the Shanti Maurice resort in Mauritius is the ideal destination for you. The spa offers both Ayurvedic and Vedanta spa techniques and visitors have the comforts of the beach and water sports right at the doorstep of their luxury rooms.

Well known holiday spot Bali also has a luxury spa offering in the aptly names Ayana Spa on the Rocks. Perched above the Indian Ocean this spa harnesses the healing power of Balinese therapies set in the beautiful scenery at the edge of the Indian Ocean.

For those in search of relaxation and health benefits these are only a few of the ultra luxury spas that can be found across the world – make your plans today to visit one of these spas and prepare to be pampered.