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How I Travel With My Office Supplies

Being on the road some for so many days of the year can be difficult when you have a seriously love of nice office products. My home office is my pride and joy, yes, I know that sounds pretty pathetic but it’s kind of my thing. Now that you have a bit more context with regards to home much I love my office stuff, you can understand why I hate traveling without them.

As a writer for this blog and other publications, I do spend a ton of time on the road, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave my notebook, pens and other accessories at home. So, I’ve decided Ito share some of my favourite cute office supplies that I like to take on the road with me.

Notebooks. I usually travel with one or two notebooks. It all depends on whether I’m traveling for work of for pleasure. If I’m site-seeing I usually take my blank page pink marble notebook,┬áthis is a great way for me to jot down the name of places, do quick drawings and basically anything else I want. If I’m traveling only for business, I day my day planner along with a another notebook for ideas and coming up with plans. Obviously, the day planner keeps me on track but having the second notebook with me makes brainstorming ideas for articles so much easier.
I travel with two pens, one black and one blue. These pens by Paul Smith are the perfect mix of weight, size and style. I don’t go anywhere without them and I’m completely devastated when I loose one.
I still need to be wary of how much I’m actually taking with me on the road. However, I really try to stay sensible when it comes to how much i actually travel with. In a perfect world I’d love to take my whole office with me!

Focusing on becoming a better travel writer

Another post dedicated to travel writing – let me know on twitter if you’re enjoying these articles.

Are you a writer making a full-time income, or is writing your side business or hobby? Many people find it much easier to work on becoming a better writer when they are not reliant upon writing as their full-time income. People are creatures of habit, and therefore writing to pay bills can put someone in a rut so to speak.

Whichever position you find yourself in, there are many tips to work on in order to become a better writer. Simply practicing helps you learn to build better sentences, a bigger vocabulary and more. Some people focus so much on strategy that they don’t put their writing plans into action. Consistently putting forth the effort to write is going to grow you as a writer.

Reading has long been a tool that has helped writers grow and become better at what they do. Reading is research, and writers write what they know. Writers should also focus on literary techniques or devices. It may seem difficult to grasp all the literary devices out there and use them regularly, but they grow on you.

For starters, I am almost not able to write a piece without using alliteration once. It has been a favorite literary device of mine for years. Another thing that people should focus on is syntax or sentence structure and development. No one likes to read short, choppy sentences constantly, and on the other end, no one wants to read nothing but long-winded sentences that can leave a reader lost. Strike a balance, mix things up and vary your sentence structure of ‘syntax.’

Build your vocabulary by looking up the meanings of new words or searching out synonyms. I received a strong foundation in spelling through phonics as a child, and that is also key. Without this foundation, spelling must also be a focus, and there are also so many grammar rules out there that you’ll always be learning more about grammar as well.