Best Five Countries To Travel To For Food Lovers In 2016

Many people practice the so-called culinary tourism, which means they travel to various places only to taste the local cuisine. Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, so there’s no wonder we are excited about trying new things and learning new recipes from all around the world.

Leap-frogging off my recent “best of” blog post, here is another great one just in time for 2016.  If you love food and travel, this article is for you. These are the best five destinations to add on your bucket list for 2016, the best countries to travel to for food lovers.

Italy should be high on your list. The Mediterranean cuisine is a surprising mix of flavors. It delights your senses and transports you to a magic realm where olive oil, feta cheese, sea food and pasta rule. Italian pizza is absolutely delicious, with its crisp, crunchy dough and its tasty toppings.

France is also a country you should visit in 2016 if you love good food. However, make sure you stay longer than a couple of days, as you probably need a few months to be able to taste all the cheeses and wines that put a smile on so many French people’s faces. In addition, the croissants, the traditional macaroons and the coffee make this place a gourmand’s paradise. Besides, Paris is one of the best places to taste the cuisine of hundreds of countries and nationalities from all over the world.

best-food-places-2Morocco with its spicy tagine pots, fresh fish and herbal teas is one of the destinations you shouldn’t miss in 2016. It is the paradise of food lovers. Most tourists who visit it once feel the urge to come back another time for an exquisite culinary adventure. Moroccan spices add a special flavor to all dishes, making them unique. Besides, the desert has an attraction power that captures the senses and hypnotizes those who aren’t familiar with it.

If you like the heavy stuff, you should have Germany on your list. The sausages, the sauerkraut and the dumplings in Frankfurt, Munich and other cities are nothing short of amazing. You can sprinkle all these with some tasty German beers. Although you can find this kind of food in most developed countries, it’s better to go taste it in Germany, where it originates from. You are going to be charmed by the traditional outfits, the local music and the dances. Germans love their traditions and they are surely willing to recreate them over and over again, with each and every party.

best-food-places-1Last but not least, Thailand is one of the best destinations to visit in 2016. The fresh fish, the delicious sea food, the crispy vegetables and the spicy sauces and dressings are among the most varied and enticing dishes in the world. The street food outlets in Bangkok sell everything from Thai noodles and hot soups to barbecued bugs and scorpions on sticks.

These are only the top five foodie destinations for those who want to enrich their culinary experience in 2016. You can start with them and add more as you go.