How I Travel With My Office Supplies

Being on the road some for so many days of the year can be difficult when you have a seriously love of nice office products. My home office is my pride and joy, yes, I know that sounds pretty pathetic but it’s kind of my thing. Now that you have a bit more context with regards to home much I love my office stuff, you can understand why I hate traveling without them.

As a writer for this blog and other publications, I do spend a ton of time on the road, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave my notebook, pens and other accessories at home. So, I’ve decided Ito share some of my favourite cute office supplies that I like to take on the road with me.

Notebooks. I usually travel with one or two notebooks. It all depends on whether I’m traveling for work of for pleasure. If I’m site-seeing I usually take my blank page pink marble notebook,┬áthis is a great way for me to jot down the name of places, do quick drawings and basically anything else I want. If I’m traveling only for business, I day my day planner along with a another notebook for ideas and coming up with plans. Obviously, the day planner keeps me on track but having the second notebook with me makes brainstorming ideas for articles so much easier.
I travel with two pens, one black and one blue. These pens by Paul Smith are the perfect mix of weight, size and style. I don’t go anywhere without them and I’m completely devastated when I loose one.
I still need to be wary of how much I’m actually taking with me on the road. However, I really try to stay sensible when it comes to how much i actually travel with. In a perfect world I’d love to take my whole office with me!