What Are The Three Best Language Learning Apps?

There are a lot of different websites, programs, systems and apps that you can use to help you learn a new language. When it comes to choosing the right app for language learning, doing your research and reading into some of the customer reviews will be the best way to get what you are looking for.

1. Duolingo

This happens to be one of the top apps that are available for learning a different language. It works almost like a game to help the users to learn while gaining points for each correct answer. By learning through repetition and conversation, the lessons start to increase in difficulty level as the user progresses through the app. The Duolingo app is free to download.

2. Memrise

This app works by teaching the user how to speak the new language by way of memorizing the various words. Not only are there games to memorize words, but there is also a vocabulary list the the user is given to study that includes 15 words for every lesson. Memrise is free for download.

3. Babbel

An app that works similar to Duolingo, Babbel allows the user to learn by working on repeating and completing phrases. Using this app, the user is able to choose from a variety of languages to use, including Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. This is also an app that is free to download and then there is an option for a paid subscription.

As you move forward toward learning a new language using an app, you will see that it will all depend upon the way the app works in conjunction with the manner in which you learn best. Once you find the right app, you will have the ability to grasp and learn whatever language you are interested in.